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One Of The Best British Duets Of The 80´s & 90´s and 2017
To The Present Always On My Mind Pet Shop Boys Forever Enjoy. Please Subscribe,Comment,Like and Share Thank You.


Always On My Mind
So Hard
Left To My Devices
New York City Boys
It All Right
My October Symphony
Don Juan
To Step Aside
Beatiful People
Yesterday,When l Was Mad
l Don´t Know What You Want
For You Own Good
We All Feel Better In The Dark
The Man Who Has Everything
Young Offender
Being Boring
The Last To Die
Domino Dancing
What Have l Done To Deserve This
West End Girls
Go West
l Wouldn´t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
Bright Young Things
Im Not Scared
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously
Home and Dry
Did You See Coming
It Always Comes As A Surprise

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  1. Wow, as a Pet Shop Boys fanatic so glad I found this incredible blend of their music. Dj Alex Superb Mix ! Thank You !

  2. I loved this mix. My first time listening and have to say how it brought memories of my night clubbing times in the 80's. What a wonderful time it was. Thank you!!

  3. One song not listed here that sounds real good mixed is 'Was It Worth It' although I prefer the Discography CD version. Anyone not familiar with the many Pet Shop Boys songs might also like these non-mixed songs: 1) King's Cross 2) Love Comes Quickly 3) Rent 4) Miracles 5) Opportunities 6) It's A Sin.