Mixed by DJ Bertl with an old Version of Traktor.

A 00.00 Remix.
B 02.43 Discomix.
C 05.57 Dancemix.

Check out also “The Discomix” of ALWAYS OF MY MIND and “The Big Money Mix” of OPPORTUNITIES (let’s make lots of money),
Please. They are quite good, actually.

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  1. Now this is good!
    Once in while the remixers polish up a gem nicely.
    This is one of my favorites from these guys, who by the way have a 35 year body of work- making beats like this.
    Love it.
    Thanks so much for posting!!

  2. If you listen to the single version then the extended version, the one on the Actually FL, the extended version is ever so slightly slower than the single version.