Pet Shop Boys-I Made My Excuses And Left Unofficial Video

The story is about a man(Me, Dag Erik, the man in costume)that shall propose to the girl (Nina) but finds her together with another man (Sonny). The whole walking is after the proposal. I throw the ring box in the end.

I took a bit of the real story of the song. It’s about Cynthia Lennon finding John Lennon and Yoko Ono together:

Directed and produced by: Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse (Me) and Stefan Hansson

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  1. The pacing of the clip should be a bit more tense, they are too many reiterated stills … You shouldn't reveal everything at once …

  2. Pet Shop Boys are children of God who came to show us a bit of perfection that is in heaven! HORS CONCOURS…PERFECTS

  3. Amazing Video!
    excuses , Excuses, Excuses is the surest way to Failure!
    I use an iPhone app "roadblocks" which records my excuses, shows statistics and make me overcome my excuses. I removed 2 excuses like this already and has given me amazing personal power!

  4. Excellent. You can edit your video inside Youtube to sharpen it. Youtube has tools that usually work really well. One of my all time favourite PSB tracks too. To comment on the video itself I think I myself would have walked at first, then I'd be running to catch privacy enough to cry cry cry cry cry. And perhaps crying in public too. When that shit strikes you're not prepared. Been there. It was night so I could walk and cry without nobody noticing. I walked away from love. And that's another great great track. With Yazoo. Regards from Sweden.

  5. Fundamental is beautiful album. For me this song is very beautiful, hard to believe it released 10 years ago! Love Pet Shop Boys very, very much and long live Neil and Chris!!

  6. According to "Pet Shop Boys discuss 'Fundamental/Further listening: 2005-2007" the melancholy voice at the beginning saying "I'm all alone again, I'm all alone" is Chris's voice. Evidently Chris was simply walking along when that phrase popped into his head so he sang it into his phone. Afterward the boys sampled his recording and it put it into this song. Neil also states that this is his favorite song on the album and I wholeheartedly agree.

  7. 우리는 순간에서도 과거미래현재를 넘나든다 좀아까 잠시후 등등 그건 일상이지