Actually – 1987
I want to wake up

I heard what you said and I can tell you it’s true
I heard you’ve said that I am crazy about you
Turn in my sleep, a bad dream is over
Think of you and shall I ever recover?

Now I want to wake up
How I want to wake up

I stood at the kitchen sink, my radio played
songs like ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘Love Is Strange’
As I listened and the words hit my ears
I cried sudden tears

Now, I want to wake up
How I want to wake up

It’s mad, to be in love with someone else
when you’re in love with he
she’s in love with me
but you know as well as I do
I can never think of anyone but you
all my life
Play with fire, play with guns
It’s easy to impress someone
Turning in my sleep, you called me a fool
To fall in love, is it so uncool?

Now I want to wake up
How I want to wake up
Now I want to wake up

I want to wake up with you

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  1. I love this song, means so much to me….cycling back from her house when 16 wishing I could 'wake up with you' and then to be dumped as someone else came along only to meet again 18 years again and to actually 'wake up' with her….only to loose again 7 years later to someone else…the best loves are the ones you find, loose, find again and loose again….maybe.
    At least the music will always be there.

  2. I was 20 when this came out… loved this song… love it still.
    I am 50 now and I may have forgotten a lot of things- but I still know these lyrics!!

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  4. This is tinged with a morbid and ethereal feel that no one else can conjure up. It is like finding yourself inside the thick layers, colours and atmospheres of a luscious modern painting.