Track 5 from “Electric” – The New Album from Pet Shop Boys
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  1. Идеальное сочетание музыки и картинки к ней! Внутри возникает что-то, сложно описать, что, но картинка это чувство усиливает

  2. Hi Neil and Chris!
    This is a great musical masterpiece of audio engineering. I love the synth decadence emanating from the lavish audio soup. Those amazing synth sounds are pure self indulgence at its finest. The sound and feel of the epic vocals as they echo and emanate outwards leave you with a feeling of great energy. ‘Inside a Dream’ leaves a cultural musical footprint, and it offers great insight into a different sub culture of music. It’s good that other generations can hear this, and can be inspired by this. An impressive and epic production of immense proportions, if I may be so bold. I am glad there is still some underground resistance…..Definitely your best work in recent times. A big thank you for the music.

  3. We would all be lying to ourselves if we didn’t tell why we are REALLY here… because of a guy named Chris who makes vapor wave…