Pet Shop Boys are interviewed at the Graham Norton show on the 26th November 2003.

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  1. Well put it this way, compared to Neil nowadays, David Bowie looks like an old whumpie cushion. Personally I think he looks just as good as he did in the early days but everyone's to their own :).

  2. I think there is something wrong with you. Neil looks better than ever. At 31 he looked like a poncy dweeb. Now he is distinguished!

  3. I have a dream. When Graham´s talking about early crushes…. I sit in the audience, he calls my name, I stand up and say: Neil Tennant. Neil would jump off his seat, come to me and ( at least ) hug me. Because truth is, when I was teenager, I was in love with him at least for 3 years. And yes, I knew he is gay. Never mind, the feelings were huge for me! Now, I am 25 years older and still love their music and still would be happy to meet them, just for a chat. Maybe about he "old days" 😉

  4. I remember balloon girl lol. She was tame compared to his naked stalker and the arranged marriage one. She eventually knocked on his door and someone (his housekeeper rings a bell) threw a bucket of water on her!

    The naked one was a woman who thought she was married to him and kept sending nude photos of herself with legs splayed. At a concert a woman down the front yelled something like "I'll see you backstage darling!" and he realised it was muff lady 😂 Security had to remove her, apparently she scared him shitless lol.
    The arranged marriage one was a girl who believed Neil was her soon to be husband and kept turning up on his doorstep…with her mum in tow encouraging her!