B-side of I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Any More

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  1. The PSB always could cover a song and turn it into something different, look at "Always on my mind" .

    This is for a totally new audience than the original, and if it hadn't been for the excellence of the original to compare against, this would be very good. I like it, but it's not as good as Gainbourg's. If you don't like this version, then you're not the audence it's aimed at.

  2. This version is great, I've played it in so many sets and people always wanna know what it is. The fact that it is a 'B' side it's funny that so many people here think it's bad, heard countless b-sides in my time that are not nearly to this standard. The fact that it's not an A side means most people have not paid for it, which makes it priceless.

  3. This song is referred to below as "The worst PSB song ever released", and the "rape" (no less) of a great song is also alledged….hopefully both comments originate from foreigners, as the PSB's have an extremely English sense of parady/irony and obscurity….songs like "DJ culture" for example cleverly compare over used Gulf War coverage to overlooked Oscar Wilde testimony for example….whilst critics were baffled by the lyrics of "I get along" until informed based upon of thoughts Peter Mandelson might have experienced. Clearly, lyrics and parody's of this nature  will fly way over the heads of casual/foreign listeners, so to (hopefully) explain what the PSB's were getting at with this, here's the condensed explanation…..

    1.) Languages cannot be translated literally, that is why Shakespeare has no value if translated word-for-word.
    2.) Likewise, neither can foreign languages (like French in this instance) be translated to English on a word-for-word basis.
    3.) When a well known French song like this is translated on a word-for-word basis, it provides a humorous, and perfect example of a piece "lost in translation" , which is the reason the PSB's released it
    4.) It was included as an additional track on a CD single, so was aimed at dedicated PSB audiences only, so deserves to be judged within that context, and not as a song mainstream PSB fans would have been expected to understand.

    Hope that helps, I recall a French film called "Gauzon Maudit" which translates to "Morbid Lawn". Everyone in France knew that meant pubic hair, but it was released here  titled "French twist" as the original title meant nothing to English speakers. This form of outrageous misinterpretation upon translation forms the basis of this PSB pastiche, and it isn't in the least bit surprising that this point is missed on the casual listener, as the PSB's operate on an interlectual level rare within the pop industry.

  4. I can't say it is their greatest cover – and it pales in comparison to the sublime original, but it is an interesting re-imagining nonetheless – its a b side intended for die hard fans and on that level.. it does its job.