Pet Shop Boys performing King’s Cross in a concert. A great song.

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  1. Maravilha!! Já disse isso em outra postagem mas vale a pena repetir: Na minha opinião o melhor show dos Pet Shop Boys foi feito no brasil em 1994 no metropolitan "Rio de janeiro" inclusive esta música aqui "King's Cross" é parte desse show.

  2. Einer meiner Lieblingssong der Pet Shop Boys – seit 1988 auf Kassette und seit meinem ersten Westberlin-Besuch 1990 endlich stolzer Besitzer der LP "Actually" – diese Konzertversion ist sogar noch schöner als die Studio-Fassung…

  3. What a fantastic crowd!!!!! Hats off, Brazil! It is the dream of every performer to have such a lively audience.
    Absolutely befitting for the greatest pop group of all time.

  4. This song is one of my favourite by them and this live version is gorgeous. The woman who sings with Neil, his sincere voice and his graceful gestures corresponding to the lyrics… everything is perfect and moves me deeply <3

  5. Respiro PSB cada música lembra uma fase da minha infância adolescência e agora velhice kkkk amo essa canção e a escuto todos os dias