Pet Shop Boys Live At Royal Opera House

Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly

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  1. they had a dream for music back then and they're living it out right now. they must be in awe with what technology allows them to do just as much as we are to witness their musical journey. they were visionaries. gotta love them for that

  2. Crying now. So perfect. What pisses me off the most is that I ignored "my everyone". Younger folks, PLEASE listen to your heart. The "what if's" suck when you're bumping on 50.

  3. the fact that this video has just 7,000 views just blows my mind. this is so amazing. I love the song but good god that was so surreal and perfect.

  4. uno de mis grupos favoritos de los ochenta ya no existen artistas con esta tremenda calidad no me cansare de decir que neil tennant es una de las voces mas hermosas que he escuchado y su calidez de voz es insuperable es un balsamo para mis oidos neil no te mueras nunca