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  1. Ahí se notaba que Neil no tomaba clases de canto ya que tenía muy poco apoyo vocal y problemas de respiración , pero se le perdona ☝️
    Luego de esto sus interpretaciones fueron mejorando, en a performance se notó ese cambio
    Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱

  2. Aw no, Neil is using vibrato in his voice! What is going on! I think there's a reason this video is hard to find, it's not a good performance.
    He's signing in a lower, more direct manner. It's missing the gentle sustain. I don't fully get why the singing style is so drastically different from everything I've heard Neil sing, but it's interesting and he quickly improved after this performance.

  3. Weird tales from America by Simon Mills to Smash Hits (1986)

    “The MTV Video Awards is the US equivalent of the BPI Awards, but being America it all operates on a much larger scale. The programme is broadcast live from both The Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles and the cavernous Palladium disco in New York. Guests performing live are Robert Palmer, Whitney Houston, The Monkees, The Hooters (?) and Mr Mister (amongs others), presenting awards are Huey Lewis and Janet Jackson (who confirms many “Is Jacko Wacko?”-type rumours by announcing the winner of one particular category from the safety of her dressing room instead of on stage). Receiving awards are Dire Straits, Madonna (who walked on to the Palladium stage and said “Hi, is this New York? I’m so tired I don’t know where I am!”) and Robert Palmer whose video for “Addicted To Love” enjoyed “heavy rotation” on MTV; i.e. it was on quite a lot.

    Unfortunately, the Pet Shop Boys lose the Best New Band Award to A-ha. Boo! Nevertheless, Chris and Neil do manage to get the all-seated auditorium audience (most of whom are clad in “rock ‘n’ roll attire” as requested on the invite) “whoopin’” and “a-hollerin’” when they perform funky rearranged live versions of “West End Girls” and “Love Comes Quickly”. Actually, only Neil sings “live”; Chris just stands there looking extra fab in his bright yellow rubber windcheater and round chrome glasses miming along to the tunes.

    Neil’s voice is helped along by soulful backing singer Ava Cherry, and ver lads “deliver a tight set”, as they say, despite the fact that their stage monitors have broken and they can’t hear a thing they’re doing (or so they say). Rock ‘n’ roll eh?”