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  1. In one of your previous comments you said that Marx could not be blamed for what other people did. Then you cannot blame Friedman for other people's actions neither. He was no businessman and he was no politician. He was a theoretician like Marx. Actual politics based on Marx have failed even more.
    My guess is that actual people are not the multiple reproduction of one character and therefore Marx's theories had to fail. If Friedman's failed, then because of the imperfection of human beings.

  2. Marx, considered to be the father of all the workers.

    He never worked and got all his money from a ''capitalist''. Had a slave.

    Jesus, how can people still support that guy.

  3. You guys are so lucky, literally the only Electric concert (so far) with this song on the setlist! I'm seeing them tomorrow and I highly doubt they'll do this instead of Go West. It'll still be amazing, but… sigh. Such a wonderful song.

  4. At least Marx's argument's sound good on paper, Freedman's ideas sound very classist and elitist; Marx was trying to promote equality, while Freedman wanted the poor to stay poor, and the rich to get richer.

  5. yo tengo dos preguntas, disculpen mi ignorancia, pero que tiene que ver karl marx con la cancion???? y porque ssolo presentaron esta cancion una vez en todo su tour????