Pet shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant is an unlikely frontman. We discuss his unusual yet successful and iconic persona.
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  1. Pet shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant is an unlikely frontman. We discuss his unusual yet successful and iconic persona. So what are you feelings on Neil Tennant ?

  2. Neil is the best .. I’ve seen him live twice and I look forward to seeing him again . I believe you hit all the main points of why Neil is a great frontman !

  3. Pet Shop Boys are one of the most brilliant shows I’ve ever been to. It’s as much art exhibition as concert and Neil has something that can’t be translated into video … presence! He owns whatever stage he calmly saunters upon! I was going to see PSB and New Order who are playing back to back at the Hollywood Bowl but it was postponed til next year. 😭

  4. You do realize that has when Neil Tennant was a music journalist with Smash hits , he trashed Depeche Mode in one of columns. I have met Neil and he is very engaging and witty. Chris is very shy and reserved.

  5. OMD and PSB, two of my top 10! Thank you, Vaughn. Please bring more. "Being Boring," "Left to My Own Devices," "It's a Sin," "Rent," etc, are just a few of my favorites of theirs. I love the songwriting. I too am not so much a fan of their newer club-type music. BTW, I love your Muppet-like stylings in the first 20 sec of this video.

  6. Neil is simply ..aweare of all and no nead for enething more then perfect as he is inthe frame of PSB…and all conected with
    Who is there to "compete" with..?!?.👍😊

  7. I was supposed to see them play with New Order, and then the concert was cancelled due to Covid. PSB are tied with Duran Duran as my #1 band. Depeche Mode, New Order, and Röyksopp aren't far behind.

  8. like a music critical once says:maybe pet shop boys are the most underrated bands of our time…thanks for your serious investigation of neil's voice&sorry 4 my english

  9. I agree with everything you say. I grew up listening to pet shop boys and never understood how Neil could´t dance to the music they made. He always looked like the kind of boring guy you wouldn´t like to be around with. But maybe the fact that they did something different, they knew who they were from the start and always being true to themselves is what make them great. That akward image fits Neil so good. If he was groovier he´d be mistaken for Holly Johnson

  10. At the start PSB always hate the macho rock type of frontmans and rockthing in general, almost they has an antipop attitude(they never want to smile too much in photographs / no appear in pophits compilation, and no performance live until they craft a perfect pop show (around 1988/89).

  11. Nice idea to do this video Vaughn! It is quite interesting to hear more about the PSB these days, like earlier this year when The Guardian chose West End Girls as the best #1 single in the history of UK charts. Cheers.

  12. I agree – their stuff from the past 5 years became too robotic, dancy, too much of a undistinguishable soulless modern urban feel.
    Although I think Hotspot is a return to good form

  13. I've seen the Pet Shop Boys 3 times and i've got tickets to next years concert in Birmingham…. Right at the front…. Can't wait to see them again and you should make the effort to see them as they are brilliant live.

  14. Tennant can Sing. He’s up there with the greats in electronic music. I love “it’s a sin” and Tennant delivers such a great vocal personality and performance. Not only that PSB have sold over 100 Million albums for good reason. They’re just terrific.

  15. Pet Shop Boys exist within their own bubble and their own universe. Pet Shop Boys aren’t part of a larger “scene” (such as it is) because they can’t be categorised alongside anyone of any equal intelligence or artistry.

  16. My absolute #1 favourite. PSB have influenced far more than they get credit for as well. Tons of collaborations on top of must have albums back to back.

  17. Nice video! Pretty much covered everything. Really well put, very concise. I suppose one thing I'd add is Neil Tennant's sense of fashion. He tends to dress fairly prim and proper, performing in a suit and tie. His (and Chris') look is fairly deliberate. I think Neil's upbringing going to a catholic school has influenced his style of dress, also probably his singing style from being a choir boy. Though his singing style is definitely described well in this video.