Taken from their second studio album Actually, released in 1987, Pet Shop Boys perform the top 10 hit ‘Rent’ on German TV’s cult chart show, Peters Pop-Show.

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  1. I can't begin to describe how incredible it is seeing the boys upload all of these today. I'm palliative and they're top of my bucket list…or were.

    My 20 year old daughter (my eldest and 21 in 3 weeks) is having surgery in exactly 12 hrs, 7am on the 26th. She just got the results of a second biopsy on Monday that confirmed she has extensive cancerous cells. We won't know the full extent until she's in theatre and due to Covid then I can't be with her in NSW as I'm in Tas.
    The top thing now on my bucket list is to be on the first flight to NSW the second our border opens and to hug my healthy, happy and cancer free daughter.

    Second on my bucket list is to finally see (and hopefully meet) PSB with said daughter. The second will probably never happen but as long as the first does then I've got everything I wanted anyway.

  2. This ambiance is fantastic. The public keeps up so nicely with the pace of the song! Also on the other Peters Pop show vids with Pet Shop Boys.