Pet Shop Boys – Shameless
B-Side of the Go West single (1993)
Included on Alternative (1995) – the 1984-95 B-sides collection

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  1. Todos los estilos de musica todos tienen su mayor esponente y Pet Shop Boys en este jenero si duda es la mas grande la mejor no Ahy una que se le acerque quisas depech mode es algo que se le puede comparar pero no Pet Shop Boys es y sera la mejor por siempre

  2. UMS MELHORES LP oua cd$ que já ouvi pet shop boys tAMO HISTÔRIAH caras eu amo vocês este disco matou ah pau não ter músicas ruins eu# pet shop boys vocês fazer muito som caras , caras muito som ; muito som eu# ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~y~

  3. They should re-release this with a short EP to go along with this theme. This was released in 1993, and they already thought that the bizarre celebreties cult was bad by then…
    This song fits in so perfectly with all these dreadful talent shows and the music & showbiz today. A great intelligent statement back in 1993 as it is – so much more – now in 2019.