pet shop boys vid

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  1. @RobLowth Tbh can't argue with you there about the exam, imo its actually easier than GCSE music 😛 Coursework's harder though, simply becuase of the sheer amount. Btw will be posting all of mine up ( inc music composition) within next few weeks. What brief did you do for music??

  2. Omg! After 24years of loving this, I've eventually realised it is political and obviously derived through Thatcherism as it was that era. Lordie, I am slowwwww! Still love it tho and wish they'd made a video. I think I'll do one. Now all you music tech kids, tell me what hard and software will do the job. BTW, what a Jammy subject to get to study, I was stuck with computing on BBC machines back in the day. Lol

  3. @photolitherland well fuck me sideways! what a coincidence! was it not just recently we talked/fought (cant remember, but had contact) on a science or news channel? Then i run into u here, in the boondock backwaters of an obscure yt vid. Freaky.

  4. They are the best when it comes to sharp observant lyrics. They're up there with The Smiths, Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush and of course Joy Division/New Order. How come bands these days don't really think about songs with lyrics other than sex and love?

  5. ahh bought it on iTunes ages ago (Roly I remember absolutely insisted). It's just not the same compared to when you buy an album or ep in a shop 🙁 I did however find a Cat Stevens CD in Oxfam about at year ago… £2.99 such a bargain. Made me day that did.