Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing Somewhere (Version 2) (2003 Digital Remaster).

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  1. Only the PSBS can take a sad song and turn it in to a upbeat song there was less talking of the group or from the group when they did this on top of the pops.

  2. lovely to see the wonderfully talented choreographer les child in this video a true talent and beautiful soul x love ya les xxxj

  3. HOW did I miss this?! I'm laughing my head off at Chris dropping his pants and them all cracking up as he madly tries to pull them back on as the curtain goes back up😂
    I didn't catch what the boys said about it…the body language is pure Neil and Chris though, if there was ever a musical duo that can pull off acting like an old married couple then it's them.

  4. For everyone's listening pleasure, my partner has deciphered the bitching between Neil and Chris. When doing so his first question was "Are you sure they're not married?"😂 I'm missing some so feel free to add to it, I'll get him to do the rest as well.

    0:29 Chris simply being Chris. "In fact, what was the Renaissance man called before the Renaissance?"
    0:35 Chris – "It was Neil's idea. I wanted to go on a holiday"
    2:16 (I've missed the first part but it's Chris sniping about Neil doing 'Somewhere') Chris – "Neil can never admit he's wrong with anything, he's got a real problem", Neil – "Chris unfortunately has the same problem"
    4:41 (I'm missing the first part of their argument over Chris dacking himself lol) Chris "You went around the back and pulled them down and now you're complaining about it!", Neil "I wasn't happy about it"😂

    Feel free to correct any of it and I'll add in the rest when I can tie my partner down and make him finish it.