This is an non official fan made remix by JCRZ.
Made for demonstration an non commercial purposes only.
Buy the original version on Pet Shop Boys album ‘Super’, order here

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  1. show quando foi alinhado iii KKK ASTRO LOGO zzz sss $$$ eu# FIM IMUNDO$ iii KKK 2001BRASIL13 pARA tODO $$$ profecias … eu# tAMO CHEGANDO nossa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~y~

  2. ACREDITEM CAGANDO oua votando sejam quem outros PODRE$ PODERE$ querem que você seja iii KKK no imundos nunca saber um presidente ter … … … paremo bebum tAMO CHEGANDO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~y~

  3. Another fantastic remix JCRZ, I'm a big fan and I consider your remixes now a vital part of the Pet Shop Boys universe. You really understand them and their music and have original, really interesting, musically satisfying ideas

  4. Pet Shop Boys are unique and, I think, innovators. But this JCRZ, whoever it is, is damn gifted. Good job! Wonderful remix…in my opinion, like always.