Track 6 from “Electric” – The New Album from Pet Shop Boys
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  1. Bruce's heartfelt plea makes his version much more emotive (to me) and the real instruments let him show that he and the band are giving it all their energy (compared to other songs on the album) the musicality of which I just cant get from this one. Where's the variation around 'and I hold you' and 'darling your kings and tyrants' in pitch, timbre and volume?! Though I get that if you were a PSB kinda gal to begin with then you'd already be on board with this…

  2. When this album first came out I did not like it at all and totally dismissed it. I've always preferred the PSB orchestral ballads and not so much their techno dance songs. But after listening to "Electric" here on YouTube over and over I now truly appreciate it and recommend it to others all the time. Funny how PSB music can be like that, hate it at first only to love it later. Case in point with this song, I was recently on a multi-family road trip driving through I-40 in central Arizona. We'd just gotten back on the highway after a nice dinner and were in a happy mood just cruising down the interstate when a teenager in the back seat requested a 'good highway song'. The windows were down, the sun was setting, and the empty desert looked really pretty as it passed by, so I dialed in "The Last to Die". As it played I could sense everyone's jaw drop and their goose-bumps rise. They were stunned at how well it fit the setting, at how pretty it was despite the rather bleak lyrics, and were surprised when I said it was Pet Shop Boys. A suburban full of middle-aged parents and their jaded teens raised on rap wanted me to play it over and over, and even sang along with the choir. It was the perfect song at the perfect time, and I was proud knowing I introduced a new generation of fans to PSB's.