Brother it don’t matter
Sister don’t worry
Say what you like
I’ll do what you want me to do
You’re a vampire, I’m a vampire, too
You’re a vampire, I’m a vampire, too

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  1. This song shouldn't be taken litterally, because it actually talks about how mean we are to eachother… it has nothing to do with vampires sucking blood…

  2. @cybercyber73 Actually IIRC the song is about how people behave/become on ketamine. Which isn't that far from either your analysis or the literal lyrics.

  3. I've always thought of PSB's as having a very Dark edge. Long before there was a Goth scene. So Amazing… Rock On!! and remember to "Avoid direct Sunlight"

  4. Nightlife is my favorite PSB album and one of my favorites in general – An AMAZING, GENIUS album, and this song is one of its peaks. So beautiful.

  5. I remember when this was new, they already had a long career behind them, and this was like 17 years ago.

    Shit, way to feel old.