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  1. The picture in the 2:50 showing Chris Lowe at the stage in a concert is SUPER !!!! How can I get that photo ????

    Congrats to Steliosbest for the great job

  2. Same here 😉 I have all 6 further listenings…. if you're interested….. since i see you like pet shop boys just as much as i do…. well in case you don't already have 'em =P

  3. I am proud to say that I have all of them, plus a lot of rare stuff from them including the 2-disc edition of Release (great album) and so many cd-singles you wouldn't believe! Alternative is a brilliant compilation and features some of my favourite songs of theirs, most notably Jack The Lad and A Man Could Get Arrested. A great 'b' side, if you haven't already heard it, is "The Resurrectionist" (on I'm With Stupid cds). Nice talking to you.

  4. Wow. It's nice to find someone who shares my music taste…!!! And 'course i heard it… what i can't be proud to have is the nightlife/extra 2-disc edition…. that's something i'd like to have but it's no longer for sale =( do you have mp3s at least? I have the UK limited edition of Nightlife…. But it's only one cd.

  5. Press the print screen button when it's at that point. Go to mspaint and press paste, then crop it out, there you go.

  6. @3GABBA The original is by "My Robot Friend" on "Hot Action" released in 2002. It was an homage of sorts to PSB apparently.

  7. La osadía con el talento tiene un nombre: Pet Shop Boys. La suma de vanguardia y tradición, de lírica y narrativa, de lo concreto y lo abstracto, de la ironía y la sinceridad, del humor y del arrepentimiento, de la crónica social de una época y la frustración íntima, del dance y la introspección, del cuarteto clásico y del sintetizador posmoderno. Es la suma de "Release" y "Very", de "Flamboyant" y "Minimal", de Neil Tennant y Chris Lowe. "Alternative". Es la historia de la música futura.