april 2nd 2006, osaka… my last night in japan…

Rocco – Everybody

Barthezz – Infected

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  1. man u're great!!
    i was gettin mad to find the title… thanx

    and maybe u know the title of the song on this video vkxzdzU8JwI ??

  2. pop-trance, poppy hardtrance, even some hints from happy hardcore perhaps… but not techno 🙂

    (I'm sure there's a better name for it, but I'm not the expert on that music,I know more about techno – and can therefore say that's not it… ;))

  3. i'm not an expert neither, and it's really likely there is some more appropriate specific name… fine
    but u cant even say that's not techno
    even 'cause the two songs: infected and everybody are part of the techno best hits of 90's