01 – Hans Zimmer – Time (Orkidea Remix)
02 – Phillip Kandi & Daniel Alpha – Sticks & Stones (Beat Service Sundown Remix)
03 – Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – The Lilt (Progressiver Remix)
04 – Flash Brothers feat. Epiphony – More Than You Know (RAM Remix)

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  1. Your an IDIOT who was born in 94. Your too immature to know what music is so get a life and learn music before you talk. This is Trance music and its the music of the future. 70's was about rock, 80's was about pop, 90's was about rap, and 2000's & 2020's is about trance πŸ™‚ Im a straight man and Love trance. It gives people certain emotions that other types of music doesnt give people!

  2. Right on man I was born in 86 im straight as can be this music and the women it attracts I love them both!!! the ladies and I cant get enough!!!!keep on raving my people!!!!if the whole world would stop fighting and go to these raves there would be no fighting or war look at how happy these people are