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“First Flight” is a VA compilation released on the highly acclaimed label Flying Rhino Records in 1996. First Flight is a Psytrance essential, and is considered to these days as a milestone in the
genre. The compilation features Classic tunes by some huge artists and pioneers of the genre, some of them defined an entire era and music style. Tracks like “Hallucinogen – Trancespotter”, “X-Dream – Create Your Own Happiness” and “Slinky Nuns – Shitty Stick (Better Than A Poke In The eye With A)” are simply brilliant and are considered as an all-time classics.

01. Slinky Wizard – Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen Moon Strudel Rmx)
02. Pleiadians – Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral Rmx)
03. Slinky Nuns – Shitty Stick (Better Than A Poke In The eye With A)
04. Hallucinogen – Trancespotter
05. Sheyba – Trance Africa Express
06. Slinky Wizard – Funkus Munkus
07. Technossomy – Indiginus
08. X-Dream – Create Your Own Happiness

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