Simply Sweet Vocal Trance [ Music Mix ]

I love this mix! All the tracks are beautiful and sweet!:) It is my most gentle mix until now!

0:00 Ruben de Ronde & Kimberly Hale – All In (Extended Mix)
05:50 Sergey Alekseev & Syntheticsax ft. Ai Takekawa — Waiting For You (Valentin Remix)
13:20 Denis Kenzo & Sarah Russell – Can You Hear Me (Original Mix)
17:50 Sergey Shabanov & Julie Scott – I Surrender To You (Original Mix)
22:50 Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – No Frontiers (Original Mix)
28:30 Beat Service & Sarah Russell – Would You (Original Mix)
32:50 Store N Forward & Neev Kennedy – Brought Me Back To Life (Original Mix)
37:50 Denis Kenzo & Kimberly Hale – Listen (Original Mix)
42:30 Suncatcher & Sarah Lynn – Sweet Submission (Original Mix)
48:30 Aurosonic & Frainbreeze & Katty Heath – All I Need (Suncatcher Remix)
54:10 Memory Loss Feat. Noire Lee – Imagined (Extended Mix)
59:30 Mike Saint-Jules & Amy Kirkpatrick – Galaxy (A.R.D.I. Remix)
01:04:20 A.R.D.I. & Cari – These Words (Original Mix)

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  1. Oana um ola aqui do Brasil… adorei sua seleção… feita com dedicação, carinho… é maravilhoso poder sentir essa energia da trance music… e você me surpreendeu a cada faixa… abraços… tudo de bom para ti…

  2. Hi Oana. You don't know me and that's kool but I do know you thru your music and that's kool. Another excellent set. Thank You. I have a whole lot more to listen:) Peace(65).

  3. Hi Oana: 65 means how old I am. I been listening to Trance since 1998 when my daughter(who was 16 at the time) took me to my first rave). I haven't looked back since. I have been for looking for the vocals of trance and finally found youtube. I had not heard of you before and starting listening to your sets(2016/17/18) and felt in love with your music sets. Then started listening real close to the songs/angels singing/words and looked at your pic and said 'Hey she's beautiful and romantic, warm hearted, with a awesome sole and looks like a down to home person, so I listen to your music .
    Sorry too have rambled but been wanting to say these things for awhile. You music represents, to me, how you are feeling at that time and moment. I can relate. That's all. Not married have 4 grandchildren and just trying to enjoy life with your music. It helps me to get by for another day. Take Care and keep producing awesome music:)