Warning: Contains Flashing Images.

From the album What a Time to Be Alive, out February 16, 2018 on Merge Records. “Erasure” features guest vocalists Stephin Merritt and Katie Crutchfield.

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  1. you guys are killing it , this song really had a good vibes of old style music between 90's – 20's

  2. why do i like all the new superchunk songs, but not the old ones? I've really tried getting into the old songs but it just doesn't click

  3. LOVE this new single! To me it's got that classic Superchunk feel, a little bittersweet and melancholy but optimistic at the same time. This song hits me the same way Rosmarie does and I love that!

  4. The lady from waxahatchee has redeemed herself I was starting to loose faith in her after she did that duet with Kevin Moronby but she truly makes the song here. God bless superchunk what a great song this is

  5. a thousand golden tears of sadness and rage fall from Brasil fall just for you guys, but never for them!
    Thanks man, this record gives me strengh to live trough this horrible days of humanity!