Ferry Corsten is completely blown away by the evolution of music – he went from playing dingy underground clubs to football stadiums of hundreds of thousands of people. And through it all he’s always been more of a trance guy – but what is trance, exactly? To Ferry, it simply means melody and strong emotions in his music. BPM doesn’t matter – if it works, it works – all he needs is for the crowds to feel the emotion, put their hands in the air, and a smile on their face. Find out more about Ferry Corsten’s thoughts on defining trance and how he chooses what tunes to open and close his sets with in this Ultra TV interview!

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  1. Ferry always stays unique 😉 He is blending styles masterfully, no one in EDM scene can do this like him! That's why he will be always number 1 DJ/producer for me :)))

  2. Thanks for sharing this on YouTube. I've been a big fan of Ferry for a long time, and he's the reason why I want to be a DJ.
    As a matter of fact, I'm going to one of his shows next weekend, and was able to arrange a meet-and-greet. I'm so excited, and can't believe my dream of meeting him is coming true. 🙂

  3. Meeting Ferry was one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me. He's such a friendly and caring guy, and I appreciate how he made my dream of meeting him so special. I will always have a special place in my heart for him, as well as the memory of it.
    Thanks for all your great music and for hosting Corsten's Countdown, Ferry. You're totally awesome!