Sweden´s leading techno dj is Cari Lekebusch, Godfather of Swedish techno music. Watch the full video here: http://pocketbeat.com/artists/cari-lekebusch/great-techno-session-at-underhof-in-stockholm/

Are you in need for a real, heavy and dirty techno mix? Look no further because Swedish techno dj, Cari Lekebusch, will come to your rescue.
Lekebusch´s career goes way back, back to the days when techno still was just for a few selected. Through his own label, H. Productions, Lekebusch has released great techno songs over the last couple of decades. Many of these techno tracks have found their way up on various techno charts.
In this video Cari Lekebusch is showcasing some of his latest techno music as well as other techno producers´ latest techno songs.



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