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Video created by #Stella

The video briefly tells a common imaginary, where aliens dominate the earth with large spaceships, threaten and fight for possession of the earth’s space. Here are scenarios of spaceships show themselves on Venice Berlin Paris. But in the end it seems that alien technological systems fail the mission. We want to be optimistic, enjoy listening and watching. Thanks for sharing.

Music created by #GoldLion

Techno is a genre of electronic music that originated in the mid-1980s in Detroit and its environs and was subsequently picked up by European producers. It is characterized by artificial sound, due to the active use of sampling, an emphasis on mechanical rhythms, repeated repetition of the structural elements of a musical work (magnifying glass). It is one of the main musical genres performed on raves.

Techno direction electronic music.

Sources of Electro, Funk, Syntypop, Chicago House, Industrial, Hi-NRG, EBM, New Beat Place and Time Mid-1980s, Detroit, USA.

Years heyday of the late 80s – 90s

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  1. Классный, залипучий клип!
    И немного жутковатый!!
    Музыка отличная !!!!
    Спасибо, мои хорошие!

  2. Excellent musical production and electronic sound, my friend !!👍 Thanks for sharing😘
    Wish You a happy end of the week !
    Many kind greetings🌸

  3. Поздравляю с полторашкой! Друзья, очень сильно по вам соскучилась! По техническим причинам я отсутствовала почти три недели, и счастлива снова быть с вами!

  4. Добрый вечер.Извините за поздний визит не всегда замечаю оповещения.
    Классное видео,фантастика.А музыка просто Супер Супер.Огромный Лайк 220.
    Удачи вам и вашему красивому каналу.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖🥰👍👍👍👍👍