The very best of generative music every day. 

Enjoy 1 hour of awesome generative techno music made by Artificial Intelligence.

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This music was created by an artificial intelligence algorithm in collaboration with musicians from all over the world and it is the perfect electronic music for total concentration.

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Generative Music is ideal for concentration on:
– Increased tasks
– Intellectual work
– Thinking and brainstorming
– Programming
– Designing
– Business writing
– Deep Sleep
– Yoga & Meditation
– Lounge
– Spa & Massage
– Car Driving
– Rest After Hard Day
– Positive Thinking
– Sound Healing
– Work on the computer or tablet
– Research and development
– Doing homework

Get this audio every day;

– When you are reading → You will maximize the ability to read faster and capture more information per second.

– Math: → Listening Alpha Waves when you are practicing math exercises, will stimulate your brain to make faster and more accurate calculations.

– Al Sleeping → Leave sound waves alfa every night when you lie down, you will see the results on your own awakening.

– To study → Go to a library, relax a couple of minutes, get to explore and see how much better you concentrate (The more you do this exercise, the greater the level of concentration).

– On the Job → If your job allows, you can also listen Alpha waves, resulting to increase your efficiency-job performance.

For Children → At the stage of intellectual development of children, it is essential to learn to concentrate, encouraging daily exercise and Alpha Waves get full development.

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Music is built by artificial intelligence and licensed by Mubert Inc only for personal use. All rights are reserved. Public reproduction, recording, distribution of this mix is prohibited.

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