Understanding Techno vs. EDM.. I created this video because I get tired of explaining to people what techno is.. This should give you a better understanding of proper techno.. EDM is not techno! Enjoy, feel free to share!

Techno vs. EDM Part 4 https://youtu.be/qS_HAa96m7Q
Techno vs. EDM Part 3 – https://youtu.be/K1LXOEVIWwM
Techno vs. EDM Part 2 – https://youtu.be/7g58ie5R7CA



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  1. 00'00: Radio Slave – The Clone Wars
    00'15: Jeff Mills – The Bells
    01'07: Fanon Flowers – Mode 08
    02'03: DVS1 – Evolve
    02'31: Reeko – To The Sun
    03'02: Steve Stoll – Dumbo
    03'43: The Transhumans – Collapsing Human Relations
    04'23: Endlec – Force of Future

  2. Nobody had ever say that David Guetta makes techno. And edm contains all Genres that are created in a daw. WaHt Is A dAw. Shut Up and learn musicproduction basics. But i know Techno is the best, you are the cool underdogs and the Other stuff is Mainstream.

  3. Techno is EDM but not all EDM is necessarily techno.
    EDM has many differen't sub-genres including house, dubstep, trap and more.

    Saying EDM is horrible music is like shitting on your own taste in whatever sub-genre of electronic music you like.
    They're classified as such and no one is forcing you to like the other genres of EDM.

    It really doesn't matter what it used to be called back in the day. The sub-genre is still considered as EDM, but you're free to think otherwise if you consider it to be so good as to be classified as its own thing aside from EDM.

  4. EDM= electronic dance music

    Is techno electronic? Yes
    Can you fance to techno? Yes.
    Is it music? Yes

    Therefore, techno is EDM. Just like trance, dubstep, drum and bass, vaporwave, electronica, hardstyle, trqnce… all EDM.

    Its really that fucking simple. I don't get why we're still arguing about this.

  5. In Teilen der deutschen Technokultur ist insbesondere der englische Begriff Electronic Dance Music (EDM) oft negativ konnotiert: Obwohl Techno formal eigentlich selbst zu EDM zählt, wird darunter jedoch in Abgrenzung eine insbesondere für das Massenpublikum in den USA konzipierte „kommerzielle“ Variante von Houseverstanden, wie sie von DJs wie David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Bob Sinclar oder Avicii vertreten wird.[Nach den Worten von Berghain-Resident Ben Klock verbindet EDM und Underground nichts miteinander. QUELLE: WIKIPEDIA