my first techno song mix – i was bored 😛

0:16=drunkenmunkey “calabria”
– 1:08=tune up “feel fine”
– 2:04=bitter sweet symphony jumpstyle remix
– 2:47=jeckyll & hyde “frozen flame”
– 3:36=sandstorm
– 4:02=c-bool “would you feel”
– 4:36=the cranberries “zombie Remix
– 5:21=Barbie girl
– 5:47= usher “yeah (techno remix)”
– 6:48=Rock that beat ( Jumpstyle)


  1. omfg i used to listen to this when i was a kid, had it downloaded on my nokia and everything. I'm now 20, so embarrassing haha

  2. Almost Cried when I heard this, was 10 when I first heard this. So damn nostalgic. I remember listening to this while my dad played this from the desktop while I was playing COD Black Ops 1 on that training course map. Dear god, I wish I could go back to much simpler times. Literally breathtaking

  3. I use to listen to these songs when I was a kid when my sister use to listen to these when she was, 16 or 17 and shes now 21. She listened to songs when she was in high school, and i now listen to these songs and im in high school.


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