Here is one of my first techno compilations!

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Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum
Joop – The Future
Karlux – The Riddle 2008 (Pakito Club Mix)
Alpha Twins – Nowhere To Hide
A-Lusion – Guidelinez
A-Lusion – Voodoo
Bass Modulators – The Cube
Brainkicker – Queen Must Go Down
Brennan Heart – Memento
Brennan Heart – One Master Blade
Brennan Heart – Pitching
Brennan Heart – Remember, Remember
Brennan Heart – Watch Me Grow (Qrimetime Dj Tool)
Brian M vs. Mc Bunn – Loud Music
Bulldozer Project – Arise (Dj Rob Remix)
Bulldozer Project – Arise (Zany & Beholder Mix)
Clive King – Pure Cocaine
Coone – Beatfreakerz
Coone – Unite ft Mr. Eyez
Coone & Ghost – Pitch Up (Dj Mystery vs. Sash-E Hardstyle Remix)
Cue-X – Do Me Hard (Noisecontrollers Remix)
Cue-X – Flowers
Dark-E – Gods & Symbols (Reverze Anthem 2008) (Noisecontrollers Remix)
Darkstylazz – Raving Madness (Upsynth Mix)
D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Stronger
Dj Isaac – In My Veins
Dj Mystery – Magic (Pradera Hardstyle Remix)
Dj Zany & Mc Dv8 – The Anthem
Dj Zany & The Prophet – 384.000
Donkey Rollers – The Last City on Earth (In Qontrol Anthem 2008)
Donkey Rollers – Thunderbeats (In Qontrol Mix)
Dozer – Phantom
Erik T & Julian Dj – Mad World
Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit (Loud Dj Hardstyle Remix)
Floorcrushers – Psycho Stylez
Frontliner – Ready
Hardstyle Mafia Meets Dj Sasha F – Heaven Above
Hardstyle Mafia vs. Alphaverb – Taking Over
Haze – Suffecation
Headhunterz – Reloaded Part 2
Jack Overdose – Octavius Augustus
Josh & Wesz – Houze Muzik
Josh & Wesz vs. Glowiej – Tempo Pusher
Kold Konexion – Minus One
Marlon S Meets Digital Punk – Bringing The Funk
Noisecontrollers – Shreek
Raf Enjoy – Discoteque Again
Recount – Bring the party to life
Rephex – Kill Bill
Sam Punk vs. Unabomber – Freakout Anthem (Sam Punk Club Mix)
Scope Dj – Rock Hypnotic
Scope Dj – Twilight (Mix)
Star Creatorz – Killzone
Star Creatorz – Killzone (Hunter Remix)
The Hose – I Survived
The Revivals – Final Enemy (Pokie Mashup)
Twilight Forces – Darq Exile (Ig Bounce & Darqtai 12 Inch Penis Mix)
Walt Jenssen – Walt Mart
Zappaman – Rude Talk (Hack Mix)
Zatox – So High
Rephex – Kill Bill
Angerfist – In A Million Years
Evil Activities & Nosferatu – From cradle to grave (Noize Suppressor Remix)
Dj Raaban – Drop the bass
… – Drop the bass
I am sorry forgot the dj for above 1
Suberbaxx – Super Hardstyle
Mama – Blutonium Boy
Funky – Blutonium Boy VS Dj Neo
Xtc – Blutonium boy VS Dj Neo
Hardstyle Dimension – Blutonium Boy
Blackout Bluonium Boy
This Is My Floor – Blutonium Boy
Dark Angel – Blutonium Boy
Mark With A.K – You Don’t Fuck With Me
Zanza Labs – Control Your Mind
Dj Cammy – Ah Ahh Ahh
Overload – Ganjaguru
Exploration Of space – Cosmic Gate
Enlighten Me – Dj Mani
Paxi Fixi
Inner Sounds – The Teddybearz
Bassleader Anthem 08
A-lusion – Veritas
Donkey Rollers – Hardstyle Rockers
Showtek – 2 Late
The Prophet ft headhunterz – High Rollerz
Headhunterz – Subsonic
Headhunterz – The Sacrafice
The Energy (Deepforce Remix) – Danceforce
Xtc – Blutonium Boy VS Dj Neo
Beatz and Bytez – Dj Neo
Bullshit – Blutonium Boy vs Dj Neo
Scrubs – Dj Gius
Hardstyle Instructor – Blutonium Boy
Tekno Music – Dj Pavo
Life’s A Bitch – Wildstylez

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