A short explanation about the verity of the different genres in Trance Music


  1. Did you know that the most known trance radio show, A State of Trance had never featured not any of the kinds you described? So no point for your title and misleading the people's opinion about trance is the result.

  2. 🙂 Man, easy, don know what you r talking about, but since that " …the most known trance radio show…" – only this is already extremely misleading, since we are not talking here about main-streams … so easy man, they really do exist … may be not so much developed in those streams, you are listing to, but they are there ;).

  3. trance styles:

    classic trance – the original form, combination of detroit techno, house and ambient
    example: cosmic baby – the space track

    goa trance – combination of classic trance, psychedelic rock, acid house and indian folk music
    example: amithaba buddha – ankh

    acid trance – combination of classic trance and acid house
    example: union jack – cactus

    hard trance – combination of progressive trance and hard house
    example: alex megane – hurricane

    progressive trance – combination of classic trance and progressive house
    example: sasha – xpander

    dream trance – combination of progressive trance and house
    example: imperio – atlantis

    hardstyle – combination of hard trance and gabber
    example: showtek – my 303

    nitzhonot – derivative form of goa trance, more melodic with laser kicks
    example: alligator – bugs bunny

    uplifting nitzhonot – greek form of nitzhonot, focused on anthems
    example: sirius – 7 completed

    uplifting trance – derivative form of progressive trance with high melodies and angelic voices
    example: robert nickson – spiral

    tech trance – combination of uplifting trance and detroit techno
    example: sam sharp – deep

    trancestep – combination of trance and dubstep or dnb
    example: john b – blue eyeshadow

    psytrance – derivative form of goa trance, combined with industrial
    example: 1200 micrograms – 1200 mics

    styles of psytrance:

    dark psy – dark version of psytrance, faster with more noise
    example: kokobloko – no breaks

    full-on – melodic psytrance
    example: gms – animatrix

    psybreaks – psytrance combined with breakbeat
    example: mood deluxe – zen and the art of psybreaks

    suomisaundi – freeform psytrance from finland
    example: puoskari – intelligent msungu

    south african psy aka african dark psy
    example: night wolf – clear to moon walk

    progressive psy – combination of psytrance and progressive trance
    example: ectima & phasetech – spliced

    psybient (not sure about this one)


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