1. Yes. Depeche Mode is one of the very few 80s bands still respected to this day and are actually legendary and are amazing yeah yeah, but can we please talk about mysweetboy martin?

  2. My first ever 7" single New Life purchased in 1981 ( I was 13) and I've been an avid fan to this day / Violater is still my favourite album since 1990.

  3. Sry, bullsit yankee comment. Take a gun and go to guard the border of east block. Iron curtain. Become one of guard. And listen to Shake the disease. It is prohibited. No LPs. No MTV. No DM music on the radio. Foreign language. NOTHING. Just a … – FEELING. Music is an universal language. No matter where you born, no matter who you are. But you can feel it.

  4. I’m a metal fan slayer, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, I remember as a child I hated Depeche Mode cuz my sister would always play “ people are people” just can’t get enough and somebody nonstop, Then my brother became a fan he didn’t like the rock music I play and listen too, I took out a Depeche Mode cassette tape out threw it against the wall , LOL, till one day a girl came along with my sisters friend same age as me, She started singing “Somebody” I was so in love in with her, I became a Depeche Mode fan, LOL, spring 1990 I bought violator cd played it nonstop


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