Fata morgana, katam, HAGIGOA – Parties
Psychedelic, Goa Trance Music
Twisted Records :The Infinity Project, The Answer video clip
Raja Ram, Graham Wood, Angie Sian, Simon Posford
Album – Mystical Experiences, Psychedelic Trance Music Artists
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You can have anything you want in the whole universe

No one saw it approach. A small point of light lost in the blair of the morning sun. It had been drifting for centuries through the inner Solar System, like an iceberg in the ocean of inter-planetary Space

The infinitesimal and the infinite. A gigantic circle. And in that moment I knew the answer!

There are millions of things in this universe can have and there are a Million things that you can’t have

In our Spaceship of Imagination

This is the age of planetary exploration, when our Ships have begun to sail the heavens

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