This is a new version of the song I composed, “The Sky.” It features the high pitched vocals like in the original; however, the song is in a lower key-signature so that the vocals aren’t as squeaky. I hope you all enjoy it! =)

About “The Sky”:

This is my second original song that I composed using Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS). The song is called “The Sky” and it is a trance song. It is also my first song to feature vocals. I hope everyone enjoys it. The tempo of this song is 175 bpm.




“Let us fly together in the night,
Let us fly so high baby in the sky.
With the heavens and stars shining in our eyes,
Come on baby take my hand let us fly tonight”


I did not create nor own the picture in the background; however, you can find the pic here. The artwork belongs to its respectful owner(s).


Under the Creative Commons License. Remixing, Redistributing, Downloading, and Reposting of this song is allowed; however taking credit of this creation or selling it for any profit is strictly prohibited.

(cc) 2011 PR0J3KT1L3 RECORDS

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