Featuring exclusive commentary with Erasure’s Andy Bell and Vincent Clarke. Erasure created some of the greatest synth pop classic of the 80s and 90s and it’s criminal that they haven’t had scores of hits here in America, because literally every song they write is luscious synth pop ear candy drenched in equal parts melancholy and unadulterated joy. Celebrating this unique band.

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Hey Music Junkies, Professor of Rock always her to celebrate the greatest songs and greatest artist of all time. Something to note: When you subscribe to our channel or share it or help us on Patreon, it guarantees more content and more interviews.

I was thinking the other day about vocal range. I was thinking of vocal range because I was thinking of Andy Bell of Erasure. Is there a singer who has a greater vocal range in pop music?

Andy can go from 1st gear to eighth gear in like 2.5 seconds. It’s amazing! It’s like Synth pop Gospel. That’s exactly what Erasure is Synth Pop Gospel.. Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure are a two headed monster, hit writing machine, And it’s criminal that they haven’t had at least 30 hits here in America, because literally every song they write is luscious synth pop ear candy drenched in equal parts melancholy and unadulterated joy. Everybody has their mount rushmore of certain genres of music, my mount rushmore of new wave was always Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure and Erasure with honorable mentions for tears for fears and New Order. As the years went by, my obsession with Erasure would grow. Again kids today just don’t understand how incredible it was to wait for new music to come out, especially music like this that was so underground. it was like contraband. It was truly special. Because bands like Depeche Mode, the Smiths, The Cure and Erasure, these were our bands, they understood us. they spoke our language.

They were both so humble and pure, it was definitely a highlight of my career.
Having said that her is my Erasure fiver: My top 5 Erasure recorded performance:

#5 Chorus from 1991, The album Chorus hit #1 in the UK and the song hit #3 there. Here in the states it hit #83 which is blasphemous, but it did hit #4 on the Modern Rock chart. This is uptempo synth pop masterpiece is so catchy that when my little boy was 3 years old he’d say Daddy will you play the fishes in the sea song. It’s true brilliance is in it’s bridge where it so poetic and moving it’s lift you right off the ground.

#4 If I Could, this is an album track from the the Circus album, It was re-recorded along with several other songs with orchestral arrangements by british composer Andrew Poppy. for Two ring Circus and that’s my Favorite version. the arrangement by Poppy combined with Andy Bell’s heart aching retelling is so achingly beautiful, it’s like synth pop Motzart

#3 Oh Lamour from wonderland: The synth melody line in this song by Vincent Clark is just brilliant. one of the most joyful laments of the 80s. They singer has a broken heart and is aching for his lover with happy go lucky music all around. Despite being one of Erasure’s signature songs, it was not a hit when it came out, stalling at #85.

#2 BLue Savvanna how this song wasn’t a number one hit in America is beyond understanding. It did go to #3 in the UK. This is Synth pop Masterpiece is there ever was one. The Vince Clarke piano parts are full fledged sweeping magical fantastic with crisp instrumentation, while andy bell waxes poetic: sweet to surrender to you only:

The remixes of this song were especially spectacular. You can hear them in our playlist below

#1 A Little Respect; A perfect pop song, their first major hit in the US were it went to #14 It also hit #4 in the UK, A classic singalong that will be around for thousands of years. Here’s what Erasure said about the song.

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, two saviors of our youth, we salute you. Thank you for understanding truly understanding. To see the full length interview with Erasure click the link below to sign up for our premium content also click the links below to get Erasure’s classic album on vinyl and to listen to all of these songs in our curated playlist also subscribe to our channel if you love music.

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  1. Your content is really inspiring for me. I wish a could do the same for our people in Brazil. You’re saving the music around the globe, bringing back those good vibes from the golden ages. Keep up the excellent job!

  2. First introduced to Erasure by a girl on my schoolbus who loaned me two cassettes: Wonderland and something by "Fancy" (the "Flames of Love" album, whatever that was). Fancy didn't do much for me. Wonderland was memorable and I listened to it a couple of times, though I don't think I bothered to make a copy of the tape before giving it back. It was all very "odd" to me, not quite what I expected of music. But when I got a CD player I decided to buy Wonderland, and then sought out everything they had at the time…and "The Innocents" was such a tightly produced album, I ranked it up there with Depeche Mode's Violator. Chorus kind of weirded me out again (the sound, and the cover art), and from this video I went back and listened to it again…and yes, it's still weird. I've lost touch with it, but thanks for the throwback. Sounds like Vince has no intention to participate in the Depeche Mode 2020 Rock Hall of Fame induction… time:code, thumbs up if you're reading in 10,200,304! πŸ™‚

  3. Are you paid for doing these hipster reviews? Everything you touch upon depens the "brand" of these artists. And also, are you always stoned out?

  4. Whenever people name their favorite new wave bands, the cure, depeche and new order are the whole trinity. Erasure is also the next one to name drop.

  5. I was brought here via the EIS (Erasure Fan Club)….And you have won me over! Your passion for music (and especially your love for my favorite band, Erasure) is infectious. You've got yourself a new subscriber. Keep it up.

    PS – The Innocents, Wild, Chorus, and Nightbird are some of the greatest albums of all time (in any genre)!!! Perfection….
    PPS – I can totally understand what you are saying. I lived it. I used to get picked on in Junior High (shortly after I "discovered" Erasure). Everyone in my school was into Glam Rock or Mainstream Pop (and some Country). I'd recently picked up The Innocents and Crackers International, and had almost worn out the tapes at that point. I wouldn't shut up about Erasure. And I was harassed for it. The slurs against Andy were constant. It was a mess, and it still upsets me today. Well, those classmates are out of my life now… but Erasure remains!!!
    PPPS – I named my 2 dogs Vince and Andy.

  6. Wow, you exquisitely tell it as I experienced growing up in the 80's listening to Bands like Erasure, DM etc. Where I'm from in New Zealand these bands were almost unheard of, but then again this was my music and made me feel special. While Depeche Mode brought out the melancholic angst side of me Erasure was my happy music but like DM they weren't shy of singing about hard or controversial topics with songs such as Hideaway, sexuality, Hallowed ground, Grace, The circus etc. Erasure forever!!

  7. First time I ever saw Erasure was in 1987, opening for Duran Duran. I had no idea who they were, but I was intrigued. Been a fan ever since.

  8. Hojo is so unique that there will never be another one like him. The songs musically and lyrically are pure art. Another genius production Adam!

  9. ' throw your homework onto the fire ' is a nod to Bowie's Kooks track off Hunky Dory! Not a hater just a massive Moz nerd haha. Love the channel!

  10. Erasure has forever been my favorite band! I grew up in Ogden Utah. I remember modified music! I loved the New Wave scene there in the 80's and late 90's. I met Andy and Vince in Dallas a few years ago. Totally down to earth and awesome guys. You described my love for these bands, especially Erasure, so well! Thanks for posting this!