Depeche Mode es una de mis bandas britanicas favoritas, y esta canción es muy especial para mi…

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  1. The ghostly tone of the song could fit well in a dark space movie. For some reasons I can’t stop myself from visualizing in my head parts of the 1977 Star Trek movie everytime I hear this song ! Silly me.

  2. Бля буду шедевра на почти каждая песня Depeche Mode, конечно же эта не исключение.

  3. Remember many a night listening to this album while BBS'ng late into the night on my Commodore 64 in 1987. This song always stood out..

  4. This song describes perfectly what happens when someone you once cared about says some shit about you to your friends. But not everyone has some good and true friends that would “know him better than that”.
    At least I didn’t.

  5. That masculine voice, electronic sounds and a lot of truth in the songs, a lot of clear thoughts. There is only one band which is able to do that.