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  1. this is the sickest remix ever!

    i remember watching videos of dance valley 05 and they went nuts when he dropped this! i like the dance valley version one better.

  2. When I heard this remix when I was in middle school off of Ultra Trance listening to this lyrics were mad creepy but the song in general was pretty good

  3. Ya viejita pero sigue rifando bien cabrón, aprendan putos milenias esto si es música electrónica y no sus mamadas de brincar como pendejos!

  4. I made a professional, staged music video of this song(normal mix), it's quite freaky. I worked on the music video for about 2 years and I'm verry proud of it. I truly hope & wish you'd take the time to watch it. I promise it'll be worth your time. Thanks & enjoy!