Tiny Bouncing Objects 3.0 Uplifting Mix
Tiny Bouncing Objects, sped up and slowed down at the same time. This uplifting trance style remix pulses with beautiful upbeat saws, pads, and synths while at the same time slowing the melody of this classic electronic soda pop score down to a relaxing and enlightening pace.

This Music is featured on my album: “Wanderlust for the Mind”
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Other Versions of Tiny Bouncing Objects:
Original (1.0)

Fusion Remix (2.0)

Oren Otter Piano Remix (4.1)

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  1. Great track! its not Trance though, more electronic music or electro-pop.
    Perhaps start your own genre "Bounce" as it bounces along and lifts the spirits (seriously)

  2. Wow! Great remix, man! The some of the instruments and the way they sound, kinda reminds me of Glacial Galaxy Zone by laikros from Newgrounds from Sonic Axiom. A Sonic Fan game made Vexer1000 on YouTube.
    Try searching Sonic Axiom Playthrough Part 7: Glacial Galaxy Zone by Landy25N on YouTube, and you'll see and hear what I mean.

    By The way, I REALLY Love your Animusic animations and songs. Pretty catchy songs you got there! 😉