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  1. I have an important thing to say (which needs to be pinned!)
    The title of the video is ERASURE, but the in the video it says SHOCKRE. Are they different? (I just realisedit says that, but at the beggining it says what i said was different)

  2. ''heya..''
    ''i know what you did…''
    ''its not a mystery.''
    ''its a fact…''
    ''a better question is…''
    ''do you wanna be erased???''
    ''do you wanna know what dying feels like???''
    ''because you just stepped into the wrong battle…''
    ''its a beautiful day outside.''
    ''pidgy's are flying..''
    ''jiggly puffs are singing.''
    ''on days like these''
    ''maniacs like you…''
    ''should be thunderstruck…''