He was born as Matthias Paul in Eisenhüttenstadt in then East Germany. He grew up in East Berlin and listened to West-German radio stations (secretly as it was forbidden in East Germany) and an occasion smuggled mix tapes into the country and copied among school friends. Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall Paul and his family got permission to live in West Germany, so they moved there. But in 1990 he moved back to Berlin. His first appearance as a DJ was in 1991 at “Tresor” – a famous techno club in Berlin. In 1993 he and fellow DJ Kid Paul (Energy 52) hosted a 3 hour show at HR3 radio called “clubnight”. In 1994 he released his first EP “Green Valley” and later that year his first album “45 RPM”. In 1996 Paul released his 2nd album called “Seven Ways” which was voted #1 by the readers of DJ Magazine. In 2000 he released his next album “Out There And Back” and achieved some success in charts especially in Germany (Top 20) and the UK (peaked at #12). Multiple singles reached the charts across Europe with “Tell Me Why” featuring Saint Etienne his biggest success: It reached the Top 10 in the UK Single Charts and peaked at #7.

In 2003 he released his next album “Reflections” and scored a Top 10 lp in Germany (peak #8) – with 3 more singles reaching the single charts in Germany and the UK, 2 reached the Top 20 in Germany and 1 in the UK. In 2007 Paul van Dyk released his next album “In Between” and peaked at #20 in the German album charts. The next album “Evolution” released in 2012, peaked at #22.

Here now are my 10 favorite songs of this German DJ, so hope you enjoy! What are your favorite songs and memories? Discuss in the comments and tell me what you think of this video.

No copyright infringement intended you can buy and stream all these songs in your favorite store in full length. No money is made with these videos, they are simply a hobby to celebrate music. To support Paul van Dyk go to his official sites, buy and stream his songs. Thank you!

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