Trance Energy Live !


  1. it`s getting bigger and bigger…one "event" to rule`m all..the "event" of power…my precious:X.traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance!!!

  2. People poor fit-up?? concrete floors
    Build their churches and their walked
    Paint a pictures of their hopes, fears and doubts
    Single love, tinny talk, change their system answer to "no"
    I can see it all in youth love in your eyes

    Explode with life
    Explode with life
    Cover in your life

  3. The people poured their concrete floors,
    And built their churches and their walls,
    They painted pictures of their hopes and fears on them.
    A single look, a tiny touch can, change the system, it's enough,
    And I can see it all in you love in your eyes.

    Explode with light, explode with light, I'm covered in your light.

    My home is where you are,
    In every beat, in every beat, we're closer.
    My home is where you are,
    In every beat, in every beat we're closer.


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