Having influences from Underworld and Orbital, I decided to partake in my own journey of experimental tracks using synthesizers and samplers.
This song was created circa 2000-2001. Sequenced with an old version of Cakewalk 5.0 that worked with windows 98. Using original samples from a Roland Juno 106, loaded into a Yamaha A3000, the second blend or portion (3:10) of the song was done in Emagic Logic’s environment feature. The environment allowed me to tweak with the Yamaha A3000’s filter parameters via MIDI copyright (c) Alex Macatula

electronica music unsigned artist techno trance underworld orbital influence yamaha a3000 sampler juno 106 cakewalk emagic logic audio environment controllers filter MIDI ambient experimental electro electronic

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  1. Great job on this one – I enjoyed 🙂 Do feel free to use my video clips as visuals for your music if you'd like motion visuals.

  2. Appreciate your comment! I wish I had all my music gear from the California, otherwise I would be continuing my musical journey here in Florida