Fan Made music video to the the movie Tron Legacy. The Song is called “True Grit” performed by The Crystal Method.

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  1. @TheSolitaryPoet Yeah, I didn't know there was a video game out yet. I have to try it. Did you see the movie? It was good, not too over the top either.

  2. @snakeeyesx1vp Thanks, yeah I am working on another Mad Max video, but had to get this Tron video out. It was a pretty cool movie.

  3. @neckisstiff FYI, the song is correctly titled "True Grit", but it's by The Crystal Method, not Chemical Brothers.

    And, coincidentally, Jeff Bridges is not only currently starring in "Tron Legacy", but also starring in another movie out now called… "True Grit".

  4. @Down10 Thanks for the correction on song, for some dumb reason i have the song in my itunes with chemical brothers instead. I will have to fix it. Thanks,