This music is made using Live Ableton software. No external instrument added in this software. I had used my laptop keyboard and software techniques to make this music. Post making this music on Live Ableton, I used iMovie to add the snapshot of the women smoking in this video.

The meaning of this music is dreaming or fantasizing what can be a form of reality and how we get upbeat while creating fantasies in our minds, how positive we get while we think good. Initially, the music shows consistency post which it gets pumped up surprisingly. So request you to please wait until pumping up happens. The instruments used are Buzzheng, Drums, Sitar, Violin, Claps, and panning has been done for enjoying surprises. This music consists of a bit of trance elements too that can be enjoyed using good quality headphones. This music has got stereo effects that you will also experience if you are using good quality headphones or speakers. It is a music that is best enjoyed in a trance party.

#trancemusic #musicmadeusingliveableton #instrumentbuzzheng #drumbeatmusic #drumbeat #musiccreation #createmusic #composemusic #stereomusic #stereoeffects #tranceparty

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