Useless Live Spirits, Global Spirit Tour at the Waldbühne in Berlin.

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  1. Something is happening with Dave. It can be understandable that some fans get upset with his behavior and voice because we want the best of DM, but at the same time, I do not know what's going on here, especially in this performance, Dave's reactions are so concerning and WEIRD, it seems that he is drugged xd. I went to their concert in Chile in 2018, and idk, the performance was great, I didn't perceive these kind of problems, but I think that the band needs more spaces to recover between concerts. We have to accept they are getting old, so it could be great they analyze mistakes from this tour and improve because the quality is not good as it used to be :(… I love them with all my heart but their health is important 🙁

  2. To those stating that this is slow. The bluray version has the audio slowed down so that the audio syncs correctly with the video. The soundtrack has the correct speed of all the songs but unfortunately a terrible 2.0 mix.

  3. Everything thing is wrong in that version. Slow, Off tone vocal, crap drum sounds, synth mix way to far, approximate guitar, no soul… Fuck, where did Depeche Mode go ??? Some Tribute bands are actually sounding way better.
    Sad sad sad