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  1. How nice of this absolute dick to throw thinly veiled insults which he probably thought were really clever and funny. Wonder where he is now LOL.I recognise him from some other interview, possibly with Robert Smith. Smith, or whomever, absolutely slaughtered him intellectually. Clarke probably could have done that, too, but just couldn't be bothered. Clarke, the workaholic slacker, 25 years ahead of Beck.

  2. I think he was honest but i think he was tryin to get a rise from vince. I get his reasons for leaving the mode but god partially stupid move though i love erasure and yaz

  3. Paul Thompson? who? never ever heard of him, and not surprising after that effort of an interview! Fair play to Vince, cool as a cucumber…some interviewers need a slap! Vince=Legend

  4. 🎹🎹🎹 🔌⚡💡 Of all his projects Yazoo has always been my favorite!!!
    Erasure are great too… but I wished The Assembly had continued! 💜❤💛

  5. I have always admired Vince Clarke, He is a very talented musician and is incredibly grounded. He plays the game in his own way without attitude or arrogance, Respect.

  6. Vince Clarke is underrated! I’m hardcore Depeche Mode fan BUT love ❤️ Erasure !
    Vince Clarke is so talented and he’s STILL touring with Andy in 2019 !!!
    That twat that interviewing him, WHO is he? Of all the questions you can ask a genius, he ask stupid obvious questions, it shows he don’t know shit! (Sorry)
    But it’s great to watch Vince and thnx for the upload ☺️👍

  7. 'Andy Bell is quite different from the other people you've been working with, he's energetic and charismatic'…ha ha. wonder if this idiot has ever seen Dave Gahan live