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Next up here on RNM, the home of Vocal Trance, we bring you Jaël’s ‘No Matter What’ remixed by none other than label boss Raz Nitzan.

Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!


Copyright © 2020 by Raz Nitzan Music (RNM)

Here‘s to our first decade
No more jealousies, no masquerade
We can handle our fads and major flaws
By now we know what we‘ve got
And what we‘ve not

You have this gift to make me smile
By simple gestures that remind me why
I fell for you and would fall all over again
My love of life and best friend

I know there will be ups and downs
While the years are passing by
No matter what
No matter what I‘ll stay
I know there will be hurt and doubt
In between those butterflies
No matter what
No matter what I‘ll stay

#VocalTrance2020 #Trance #UpliftingTrance

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  1. Thanks, Brilliant!Sounds good n light, beautiful lovely classical music song is amazing! Fantastic! Delightful singing and all the great! So incredible n intensely wonderful!Bravo!🎧💥