This is a lyric video for the song, “West Side Girls” by: The Pet Shop Boys. This video was requested by PokeBallZSack

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  1. Gta 5 ? Fuck u need a game to know these songs ? Your life is a waste.These songs are mantras one should know before they come out from mothers stomach ! I am fortunate my dad passed this music to me .guess what ! iam 17 yrs old and never played gta 5 !! Yasss thats true

  2. I loved this song in Jr. High, it got heavy radio rotation

    Sometimes you're better off dead
    …..There's a gun in your hand
    It's pointing at your head
    …You think you're mad too unstable
    Kicking in chairs and knocking down tables

  3. Sure GTAV helped me rediscover this once lost gem but i remember this song very clearly. A russian cruise liner sank about 100km from where i live the week this song was #1 on our countrys pop charts. They where playing it on the radio when the news broke of the sinking that rainy sunday night.